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Found money report

Another year, another tin of loose change. The total was slightly down this year.

$7 in folding money this year (a five and two ones). Quarters overtook dimes in overall value, with 31 of them coming to $7.75. Only 68 dimes. 30 nickels; I have no idea why so few nickels turn up. (They’re also generally in better shape; some of the dimes and pennies are in remarkably tough shape.) 388 pennies, five of them barely recognizable as such. Grand total: $26.93. The foreign total is €.10 (actually found in Europe), £.02 (I assume that’s the value of a coin marked “2 New Pence”) and ¥1.

The previous two years’ worth of found money have earned $3.31 in interest since I started counting and depositing them.

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I traded in my car this year, and only after the dealer had taken it away to auction did I remember that I’d forgotten to clean out the little dashboard cubbyhole where I hid toll-money. I must have had $20 in quarters stashed in there for the Maine Turnpike.

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